26 oktober, 2010

Boredom strikes polyvore.

I made this polyvore because I was bored.
This is probably what I would wear for Christmas or New Year or something.
But then I would add a panty, because otherwise it would be freezing haha.

Lots of love, Marloes.

24 oktober, 2010

Respect people for who they are.

Vest; from a friend of mine, & the rest isn't important.
This was what I wore Wednesday, it was in memorial for the 6 boys who killed themselves due to bullying because they’re gay. It was good to see that a lot of people at my school cared, a lot of them were wearing purple clothes. I think people shouldn’t be bullied because they are gay, or from another country.
People are people and you should respect them for who they are and let them be whom they want to be.
Lots of love, Marloes

17 oktober, 2010

I think I was blind before I met you.

Blazer; Wonderwoman
Dress; Coolcat (sale)
Wedges; Ebay

Lately I have no inspiration with clothes or whatsoever.
My style has changed completely the last few months.
That's why I'm going shopping this saturday and buy loads of clothes.
I can’t wait for December, because I’m going to Paris with my school.
I’ve never been to Paris so I’m really excited! I want to travel the world one day, or at least live in a few big cities.

I’d rather be working for a paycheck, than be waiting to win the lottery.
Lot's of love, Marloes

09 oktober, 2010


My new shoes just came in from England, and I absolutely love them. I will post some outfit photos later this week. And sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I was really busy with school. But I’ll try to post more often from now.

Lots of love, Marloes