29 november, 2012

Another DIY.

I'm on fire with DIY's lately! haha not really but this was yet another easy one I wanted to share with you.  So here we go!

Step 1. 
Collect a lot of old (broken) jewelry/earrings/buttons/studs etc. 

Step 2.
Select the fabric you want to use & make an outlining for the size necklace that you want.
And start securing all the jewelry etc you collected. Make sure you secure everything good, you don't want the jewelry to fall off when you're wearing the necklace!

Step 3.
When you've secured all the jewelry, cut out your necklace leaving a bit of fabric on the edges.
Step 4.
Cut out the same size for the back, you don't need to put anything on it, it's just to make the necklace look good from the front and the back ;)

Step 5.
Put the front and the back piece together.

Step 6.
Make straps, make them as long as you need to, otherwise it's hard to wear the necklace hmm.
And secure them to the necklace itself.

Step 7. 
Sew the lines of the necklace, make sure you don't put any buttons or jewelry near the side like I did, because it makes it almost impossible to sew the outlining. 
Then all you need to do us decide how you want to secure it, I used these things;

Et voilà you have a unique/vintage looking necklace! Good luck! 
p.s. do you like these kinds of posts? x

27 november, 2012

Every time it feels like voodoo.

Jumper: C&A, Pants: Ebay, Loafers: Nelly, Ring: Primark, Necklace: Ebay.
Not the most flattering outfit, but at least it's comfortable ;)
Bought this pants on Ebay, it was supposed to be my new sweat pants for dancing and stuff.
I ordered it in a size M (it's for men), but I forgot that Korean men are tiny haha.
So now I'm going to use it as a normal pants because it's too tiny to dance in.
Such in interesting story.. not but whatever! x

25 november, 2012


I wanted a studded bra since the first time I saw one.
But I never found one that I could afford, I refuse to pay a shitload of money for a bra!
So when I found an old bikini top that I never wore. I decided it was time to make my own.
It's really simple, all you need is an old bra/bikini top and a lot of studs (I used about 300 studs), and patience! Because this does take a lot of time.
You just need to secure all the studs et voilà. 
Do you like it? x

21 november, 2012

Leader of the pack.

Blazer: C&A with a little DIY (studs), Shirt: Unknown, Skirt: DIY, Heels: New Look. Necklace; Ebay.
I finally received the 400 studs I ordered on ebay, so since I had my day off today.
I figured I'd give it a try, put some on my blazer and now I'm working on something else!
My brother (who took the pictures, thaaanks!) said I had a Michael Jackson look today haha.
It's probably because the jacket! 
Now I'm off to cook a lovely meal, I'm starving! Enjoy your day! x

16 november, 2012

You may be good looking, but you're not a piece of art.

Needed a nice hot cup of tea after shooting.
Blazer and necklace: H&M, Dress: Bershka, Heels: Nelly.com.
I (again) apologize for the ugly backyard pictures, with the same background.
My photographer is really busy with school, so this is the only solution.
I have had this dress for a while, bought it in Tunisia in a high-brand boutique,
Where they sold Bershka clothes, high-brand in Tunisia is Bershka. hmm ok haha.

& want to say hello & thank you to all my new followers. And to the 'old' ones of course.
When I first started blogging I did it because I was bored and wanted to show people my view on fashion etc. When I hit my 100 mark (not much compared to others, I know) I went a bit over my head and started to blog to get followers. That made my start to hate blogging, so I started to post less and less. After a while I 'got back up' and started blogging again for the same reason why I started blogging in the beginning, and now I'm addicted again haha. So thank you! Even though I probably will never meet each and every one of you in real, I want to thank you for following my blog. It really means a lot to me! x

13 november, 2012

I want it all, so I get it all.

Jacket and necklace: H&M, Blouse: Primark, Sirt: DIY, Heels: Nelly.com, Ring: Random store in Amsterdam.
Simple skirt, odd material.
I always like to play around with different materials when I make clothes.
When I came across this neon colored fabric, I couldn't not buy it haha.
Especially since this fabric is neon colored, and my blog's name is neonsign.
Get it? ha-ha. No but really I love this skirt! You'll see it more often ;) x

11 november, 2012

Locked out of heaven.

Poncho: H&M, Shirt & Pants: Zara, Heels: Primark.
Sorry for another indoor outfit-picture.
When I wore this outfit it was raining cats and dogs.
So yeah, enjoy your Sunday! I will x

08 november, 2012

Red lips.

Blazer: H&M, Jumper: Vintage, Tights: V&D, Shoes & Jewelry: Primark.
I love red lips, but I always feel like a hooker while wearing red lipstick.
But i feel that with the right outfit, it'll look alright. 
What do you think? & do you wear lipstick often? x

06 november, 2012

Beanie love.

Beanie: Ebay .I got mine here.
You could say that I'm getting more and more addicted to beanie's.
I feel that a beanie is a must have for this winter.
Not only because it's warm, but it goes with (almost) every outfit and I feel that everybody can pull this look off. Do you have a beanie? & do you want one? x

04 november, 2012

Watch out you might just go under.

Jacket: H&M, Blouse (underneath) & Jeans: Primark, Loafers: Nelly.com
I don't know why, I just couldn't get a normal picture today haha.
Maybe it was because I was making crazy faces all the time, or because I'm super tired. Hmm.
So sorry for the pictures ;) but what I wanted to show you were my new loafers from Nelly.com.
I don't like wearing flats because they make my feet look even bigger than they already are.
But I couldn't resist these beauty's because they were in sale (still are!). So yeah haha.
Enjoy your sunday! x

02 november, 2012

Bye October, Hello November.

And another month passed by quickly.
Seriously? Can't believe it's already November, It's almost 2013. Wow!
This was a weird month, with sunshine, hot weather one moment, 
and then rain and cold weather. Thought this month was fun!
Hopefully November will be even better for me, and for you too!
What fun things did you do this month?
& Which outfit is your favorite? I can't choose haha ;) x