28 mei, 2011

H&M Autumn/Winter 2011

Gif from tumlr
H&M Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2011.

Today I have to work all day, so no outfit pictures.
Unless you want to see my C1000 outfit haha.
Tomorrow I have to get up 6 a.m. because we have NK in Eindhoven.
6 a.m. on a freakin' sunday. That's not normal
But it's worth it.
Do you have any plans for the weekend? x

26 mei, 2011


A few weeks ago I had prom.
I didn't want to post the pictures because well that's personal haha
& I don't know if my friends like to see their face on the internet.
But I just had to post a few. x

24 mei, 2011

You're young until you're not.

Finally I had some time to make outfit photo's again.
I also ordered something from H&M.
But it will arrive in June, so you'll just have to stay tuned haha. x

22 mei, 2011

Clutch thé perfection.

picture from thischicksgotstyle
I neeeeed this clutch from H&M!

Sneak Peek.

Another sneak peek of what I'm wearing.
I'm doing this because I'm way to busy to post an outfit picture everyday.
Hope you guys don't mind these sneak peeks.
And now I'm off again.
Have  a great sunday babes. x

20 mei, 2011

20 05 2011

Again I'm sorry for my lack of updating.
It's not that I don't want to blog.
I'm just frustrated that my camera sucks.
& nobody wants to take pictures of me, so I have to do it myself all the time.
So yeah, here is just an basic outfit. x

17 mei, 2011

Basic black with a leopard touch.

I am soooo tired from all the working I have been doing lately.
& school is so boring, I hate it that I have to waste my time there.
Just an basic outfit, because I had to work almost all day.
Tomorrow I'll promise and better outfit-shot.

14 mei, 2011

Black and white.

All pictures are from Tumblr
These black and white pictures inspire me so much.
So I though I'd share them.

11 mei, 2011

Can you feel my heart beating?

Blouse: H&M, Pants: DIY, Shoes: Nelly
Weird poses & faces, I know haha.
I also know that I wear this blouse a lot.
But I can't help it, it fits so perfecty & I love the color.

You just have to be you.
And do what you want.

10 mei, 2011

Sneak Peek.

My computer still doesn't connect to my camera.
So I had to put them on a USB-stick through my dad's laptop.
Well at least I can post something haha.
Oh and please listen to this new song from Lady Gaga.
It's amazing! x

07 mei, 2011


5 May was 'freedom-day'.
I went to a festival in Zwolle & here are some pics.
 My hair for a day.
Ilse de Lange with her amazing shoes.
It was a beautiful day to remind ourselves of the tragic that ones happened
And that we need to be grateful for having the freedom that we have right now.
Have a great weekend. x

05 mei, 2011

New in:

When I saw these beautiful shoes on nelly.com.
I obviously fell in love immediately.
I had to have them.

03 mei, 2011

01 mei, 2011

Recapture of April

Another month has passed by.
The temperature started rising & my blog had some big changes.
If you have any suggestions or things that could improve my blog, please say so!

I also find it that my style has changed a lot.
In a good way though.

Have a good sunday! x