26 november, 2010


Ok so I wanted to buy this shirt for like forever (it's from the H&M)
But my dad was like; 'it's almost winter and you want to buy a see-through shirt, hell no'
Well he didn't say the hell no part haha.
So how did I get it?
We need it for our dance at streetdance.
They asked if we knew something and I was like: YEAAHH I KNOW SOMETHING WE CAN WEAR
and they all liked it.
So now I welcome my new favourite blouse.
Hopefully I can show you outfit pictures with this beauty soon.

25 november, 2010

ATM. Favourite.

This is just a quick post to show you my favourite shirt of all time.
I love it so much, I got it from Forever21.
It's so comfortable and aahhh I just love it haha.
I don't know if I'll be able to post an outfit-photo this week because I got a busy schedule.
I also wanted to link you through to my Tumblr.
I spend a lot of time there http://myheartisaddicted.tumblr.com/
I also need to shop soon, my wish list;
- Combat boots
-Knitted shirt
- USA printed vest
- Universe printed shirt
- Corset-á-like top
and shoes, LOADS of shoes.

Just wish I was a fucking billionaire.

23 november, 2010

featuring Esra.

Dress: Primark, Shoes; Ebay.

Ok so these are pictures of my ‘shoot’ with Esra on Sunday.
We had a lot of fun even though it was freezing outside haha.
She also painted my hair, but it’s barely noticeable. It’s just a little bit darker.
So they are saying it’s going to snow in Holland this weekend, I really hope so I love snow.
I’m also looking forward to Christmas, I love Christmas it’s so cozy and everybody’s happy and all those lights!
But first I’m going to celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ – a Dutch rip off from Santa- with my friends this weekend, we all made something to put our gifts in. So it’ll be pretty fun.
And in about 3 weeks I’ll be in freaking Paris baby! I’ve never been there but I bet it will be awesome! And I also hope it’s snowing then even though that means it’s really cold, snow is so pretty and snow in Paris is even prettier.

14 november, 2010

The night is young

Jacket and shirt; H&M Jeans; Bershka Shoes; Bristol

I spend this whole weekend learning Biology and Economy and looking at other blogs.
The weather also made it impossible to do something
Heavy rain & wind, that was the weather in Holland.
I hate fall, ok I love it when leafs fall from the trees.
But the rain and the awkward cold weather, that I don't like.
As you can probably see, I usually wear jeans & pants.
It’s not that I hate skirts or something; I just can’t find the skirts and dresses that I want.
And if I find one, they are usually too short.
So I’m keeping my eyes open for the perfect skirt/dress

11 november, 2010

Red in the night.

First of all I wanted to say; I'm sorry for the lack of updates.
I have test week, so I have no time to make pictures of my outfits.
And my outfits are not very interesting right now, because the only thing I have to do is ride my bike to school, make a test, ride my bike back home and study haha.
Second; I want to thank http://mybluejeansareripped.blogspot.com/ for following me, I appreciate it.
& Thank you all for the messages they keep me blogging.