29 juni, 2011

New in:

Here are some of my new purchases.
I bought a lot more, but I don't want to give it all away haha.
Have a nice day!
Both are from H&M but the poncho is second hand.

28 juni, 2011


After a hot day full with sun comes thunder.
Damn I hate when that happens.
Not my picture.

26 juni, 2011

Alors on danse

Today was such a nice day.
The weather improved a lot this weekend, and it was almost 30 degrees.
I just did some studying, and some tanning in the garden with my rabbit.
How was your weekend?

24 juni, 2011

Can't eat, can't sleep.

I'm having a terrible cold, I just want to sleep all day..
And the weather isn't helping any.
Though between all the rain outbreaks, there is also some sunshine.
And next week they say it's going to be hothothot.
So I'm really looking forward to that haha.
Have a nice weekend! x

20 juni, 2011

When bored...

When bored...  go shopping.
I bought a few colorfull magazines and some colorfull nailpolish.
And ofcourse I couldn't resist buying some jewelry. x

17 juni, 2011

Pictures all from tumblr.
If you read my blog often you will know that I love black and white photography.
So here is some black & white inspiration.

15 juni, 2011

Don't come back for me.

Pants: H&M, Shoes: borrowed from a friend.

I actually wore this last week, but I forgot to post the pictures.
Today was kinda boring, just school and visiting my grandparents.
And ofcourse it's raining again, even though it's almost summer.
Jeez sun why won't you show up? x

13 juni, 2011

Friends, fun and sunshine.

Don't mind my ugly face in the first picture haha.
Sorry for not posting this weekend, I was camping with my family & friend.
I had a great time, the weather was good & I got a nice tan haha.
We did some swimming, where we found this cute little frog, even though the water was freezing it was fun!
In the evening it got cold pretty quick but it didn't matter.
Because in the day we saw some nice and sexy surfer dudes, yumm.
What did you do this (long) weekend? x

p.s. Can you see my older pictures, from the recapture and last month? Because I can't?

09 juni, 2011

You're the flame and I'm the candle.

Blazer: H&M, Shoes: Ebay.
I love wearing this outfit and mixed with the lipstick it makes me feel glamorous.
I hope you don't mind all the pictures, I couldn't choose wich one I liked more.
This weekend I'm going away with my family, but I do have a post scheduled.

And in two weeks I'm going shopping in Amsterdam, so that will be fun.
But first I have to finish this school year with a testweek, again.
Blugh, I'm so ready for the summer holiday to come. x

08 juni, 2011

06 juni, 2011


Just a quick shot, it was already getting dark.
That's how busy I am.
Yesterday I had another dancing contest, it went well.
But it was the last for this year, so it was kinda sad too.
Hopefully we will win some prices next year haha. x

03 juni, 2011



I love my red clutch from H&M
Eventhough I don't use it much.
I finally got tickets for The Pretty Reckless
But now my friend doesn't wanna go & I don't know how I'll get there.
Luck is never on my side.
Does anyone want to give me a ride to Amsterdam? x

01 juni, 2011

Recapture of May.

I have to say that this month I haven't been a good blogger.
Less outfits and more bullshit, that was the month May.
But I swear this month is going to be better. x