28 januari, 2013

Thoughts of you just keep consuming me.

I'm so sexy, wow. haha
Blazer and Dress: H&M, Necklace: WE Fashion, Sneakers: Asos. Belt: Unknown.
Yes I'm still alive, I was too lazy to make pictures outside in the cold.
But since it's getting warmer again (hurraaay). I'm brave enough to go outside again.
So finally here are some new outfit pictures! Love, Marloes.

21 januari, 2013

Let's talk about bags baby.

Ever since I've been into 'fashion', I've been looking for the perfect bag.
For me the perfect bag is classic, timeless and it must go with everything.
So the chase began, 
First I got this 'shopper' type of bag at Zara, it was when I still went to high school  so it was really useful because it could hold all my books and stuff.
Though the downside is, if you go shopping with it, it's too big. And I don't like walking with the bag in my hand all the time. So the chase continued..
When I found this little bag, I just had to have it. It's a vintage bag.
Though as you can see, it's so small, my wallet doesn't even fit in it haha.
I use this one as a camera bag most of the time, or when I have to run a few errands and I don't need a lot of things I use this bag.
When I saw the next bag on a blog I fell in love with it.
It's the PERFECT bag, i'ts not too big, but not too small either. 
The leather looks so.. clean (and expensive). And it has a small and a big strap.
So when I found out it was on sale at Zara, I knew it was my time to shine ;)

Now I've been using it non-stop, it's my baby.
And it's weird, but I have the feeling that I'm done with searching for the perfect bag.
But you'll never know. Maybe a year from now I'll run into a bag even more perfect.
For now I'll just be using this treasure non-stop! x
these are the bag I use the most.

15 januari, 2013

So sweet, oh love.

Knit and jeans: Primark, Necklace: H&M, Top: Monki, Wedges: Nelly.com
Ok, so when I don't have a photographer, I use my tripod to make pictures with.
That's why I usually make pictures in my garden.
But if I want to 'spice it up a bit' I go to a place where almost nobody comes to make pictures.
Though this time I wasn't lucky, all these people were walking by and looking weird, but I don't blame them ;)

& I'm so happy it's snowing, even though I hate the cold, it has something magical!
Do you like the snow? Love, Marloes.

13 januari, 2013

The lovers need to clear the road.

Blazer: H&M, Top & Skirt: Monki (Sale), Heels: Primark.
It was actually snowing a little bit when we shot these pictures.
Unfortunately you can't really see it, except for the snow that's on the grass etc.
I got this top and skirt at the Monki sale, I was searching for a silver-colored skater skirt for a while.
So when I found it on sale at Monki I just couldn't resist it, I had to have it.
Now I'm off to eat some pie, cyaa! Love, Marloes.

10 januari, 2013

I'm a show-rocker, I rock the show.

Blazer, pants & beanie: H&M, Heels: Nelly.com Cuff: Monki, Necklace WE Fashion, Ring: Unknown.
I, like most people, love wearing black. But all black is a bit too much for me, so I'd like to add a pop of color. Like with a cutie little hat/beanie from H&M.
When I saw it, it was love at first sight, so I had to take it home. That it was on sale was just a bonus! SCORE!
Oh and yes, I'm giving my blog name it's credit again. Neon, yes I love you. 
Love, Marloes.

08 januari, 2013

Knitted gold.

Clothes: Primark, Bracelet; Vintage.
Aaaand it's getting cold again.
I seriously can't wait for summer. Jup I'm more of a summer person.
When I'm old enough and I have finished my education etc. I will definitively move to a country with a tropical climate. And you're all welcome! ;) Love, Marloes.
p.s. take a look at my shop//

06 januari, 2013

You're using my love as a weapon.

Pictures by; Marleen Gubler.
Jacket: H&M, Dress: Primark, Belt: Unknown, Heels, Nelly.com Necklace: H&M, Rings: random stores.
Finally feeling better, and why not celebrate it with a new outfit-post.
First one this year, if I compare it with last years first outfitpost, I'm glad so say that I see a change.
I always find it fascinating to see how style evolves through the year(s), so I'm curious to see what this year will bring me fashion-wise. Love, Marloes.

04 januari, 2013

Shop my closet update.

Sorry that I didn't iron my clothes haha ;) Because I'm still sick and I don't have anything to do besides watching movies and cleaning my room, again and again and again.
I decided it was time to finally clean out my closet and give my shop (click) an update.
I've lowered all the prices and I've added some new clothes.
If you see something you like, please do send me an email.
First come, first served. Love, Marloes.

Click here to go to my 'shop my closet'. Click here to go to my 'shop my closet'.

02 januari, 2013

New year, new beginning.

Gif from Tumblr.
A bit late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My year started shitty, I've already been sick for three days now. And I'm never sick.
But bring it on life. I'm ready for this year!
Hope you had a lovely new beginning of the year, and may this year be your best year so far! x