31 juli, 2011


This month was a good month.
I finally turned 17.
Went on a super vacation with my friends.
ahh loved it.

30 juli, 2011


Bikini: H&M, Pants: Vintage, Bracelets; from France.
I am in love with this vintage baggy pants.
Oh and I wasn't wearing any make-up because well I was too lazy. x

28 juli, 2011

Argelès-sur-Mer Part II

This time a flew blurry pictures
They were all taken at night or when it was getting dark.
I had so much fun and I would do it all again.

25 juli, 2011

Argelès-sur-Mer Part I

So I came back from Argelès-sur-Mer yesterday.
And it truly was amazing.
We went out almost evey night, partying and dancing.
Then in the day we hung out at the beach did some tanning and went to the village.
I wish I could do that forever!

23 juli, 2011

19 juli, 2011

Today is my 17th birthday.
And I'm probably celebrating it with relaxing on the beach.
Have a good day! x

15 juli, 2011


I'll probably will be on my way to Argelès-sur-Mer when you're reading this.
I'm going for a 10 day trip with my friends.
And while packing my stuff I found out that I had one big color-blocking thing going on.

I have a few scheduled posts ready for you,
don't stop commenting though because I will read them all when I'm home.
Have a great day! x

13 juli, 2011

Yes or no?

Bought this watch today, though I'm not sure if I should keep it.
What do you think? x

10 juli, 2011

You'll be loved.

Blazer: Wonderwoman, Shorts and cuffs: H&M,  Shoes: Nelly
So finally after two months my H&M order came in.
Including the cuffs. but guess what.
I ordered them in silver and gold.
And I got two gold ones (so 4 gold cuffs in total)
I always have that when I order something from H&M.
Am I the only one who has that with H&M?

But this is what I wore today, it's a lovely day so now I'm going outside
and just do nothing.
Oh and don't look at my ugly/harsh faces haha,
I had to look into the sun. x

08 juli, 2011

We got nothing without love.

Jumpsuit: Vila, Shoes: Ebay.
Wore a pretty basic outfit yesterday, with my new jumpsuit from Vila.
After work I went to the city to look for Vogue magazine.
But none of the bookstores or a store with magazines had it.
I was so disappointed, but I asked them if they could order one for me every month
And thank god they are going to do that for me haha.
Have a nice weekend! x

05 juli, 2011

Just tonight, I will stay.

Blouse and shorts: H&M, Heels: Zara
Today I went to school to see almost all my friends get their diploma's.
I'm proud of them but ofcourse I'm also sad that I wasn't getting my diploma.
But whatever next year is my time haha.
I am wearing my new shorts from the H&M Conscious line, bought them on sale.
They are so soft and I already love them! x

03 juli, 2011

A reason to fly.

Knit: Vintage, Shorts: DIY.
Something I actually wore earlier this week, when it was still warm.
Hope you had a nice weekend! x