30 maart, 2011

Guess it part II.

A few posts ago I had some kind of contest.
You were able to guess what I had bought.
And if you guessed correctly you would get promoted (click)
But since only two people guessed, they will both get promoted.
Hedda  I already promoted her once for my Follow Friday (click)
& the other blog is from Nina

They were both wrong though.
The thing I bought was this second hand bustier from H&M.

I can't wait to wear it. ~x

25 maart, 2011

You said what?

Varsity Jacket; H&M, Skirt: Made by me.
This is going to be a busy weekend.
Today I already had to work & tonight I have to dance two hours!
Tomorrow I probably have to work again, or I'm going to YouGottaDanceXXL,
That's a dance-workshop, but I'm not sure yet if I'll go.
And Sunday I have to go to Beverwijk, for the NK streetdance.
But at least I won't be bored this weekend haha.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?
Love, Marloes

23 maart, 2011

It's like an addiction.

I am loving this weather, I can finally take my rabbit out again.
Oh and not to forget, I can take my outfit pictures outside again.

I think I'm addicted to fashion.

22 maart, 2011

Guess it.

Can you guess what just arrived?
If you guess right, I will promote you.
So see it as a little contest-isch-thing.

21 maart, 2011

Matt nailpolish.

I'm loving this new nailpolish from Catrice.
It makes my nailpolish look matt instead of shiny.

19 maart, 2011


Tonight is the 'supermoon'.
It's so bright and beautiful, I couldn't resist taking pictures.
Too bad my camera isn't that good. But wow, beautiful!

18 maart, 2011

16 maart, 2011


When I saw this DIY ring on her blog (which I love).
I fell in love immediately.
So I decided to make one myself, it's really easy haha.
Hope you like it!

03 maart, 2011

Recapture Februari.

 And another month has arrived.
Sorry for the absence, I've been really busy.