29 mei, 2012


Finally! I'm done with all my exams!
Now all I can do is wait for the result.
In two weeks I will know if I'm done with this part of my life.

To make up for my lack of updating, here is a massive inspiration post.
For summer of course (:

23 mei, 2012

Faded silhouette.

 Everything: H&M.
The weather has been so lovely today, and what did I do?
Yes, I sat in a sweaty gym making my math exam, which was so hard!
haha, when I was writing this the power went of because of a thunderstorm.
So far for the lovely weather ey haha.

Just one more week and I will be back to my normal blogging schedule ;) x

17 mei, 2012

Breath of life.

 Blouse: Vintage, Pants, cuff, necklace and heels: H&M, Earrings: Primark.
Wow, I feel so bad for not posting for this long.
But I'm extremely busy with my exams. 
I already had 3, biology, dutch and economics.
I don't know if I will pass, because the norm has been set higher.
Oh well we'll see, let's hope for the best!
Next week I have two more, and then the week after I, again, have two more.
I seriously haven´t done this much for school in my entire life haha.

I also got my first 'feature' ever, on Girlscene (click to see)
And even though I didn't get a lot of good comments, I'm still proud.
I mean it wasn't an outfit that was everybody's cup of tea ;)
My friend told me (and I agree with her);

Society tells you not to care, and to wear whatever and to act however you want.
And then they judge you.

09 mei, 2012


Blazer: H&M, Top; Primark, Jeans: Primark/DIY, Heels: Zara. Jewelry: Primark.
When I saw the tie-dye DIY on afterdrk, I just knew I wanted to do the same thing.
Though I didn't have a blue jeans that I wanted to dye, so I used a black one.
And this is what came out, at first I wasn't sure about it, but now I love it.
It spikes the outfit up a bit.
And the weirdest thing is the print in the last photo, it looks like a voodoo doll haha.
My own personal voodoo doll.
Do you like it? x

06 mei, 2012

Freedom Festival.

In Holland each year we celebrate our freedom with festivals all through the country.
I went to Zwolle, because that one is the closest, and one of the biggest.
I had a great time, enjoying music, drinking and watching people and performances.
I made a few photo's;

 This is what I was wearing, I edited it because I made the picture in my room and it was (is) a mess haha.
Jacket: H&M, Shirt: C&A, Shorts: H&M against aids.
I thought the line-up was amazing.
Chef'Special was my favorite, I already knew their music and well they're amazing!
Here are my fav' songs;

03 mei, 2012

You're my shadow.

Jacket and Pants: H&M, Shirt: C&A, Wedges: Nelly.com
Yes I'm still alive!
I'm wearing my new pants and top.
I wanted to take better pictures, but I didn't have a photographer so I had to use timer again.
Otherwise I would have taken more various pictures. x

p.s. I've added some stuff to my shop (click) and I've lowered a few prices.