31 december, 2010


I wish you all the best for 2011, and may health and love come your way.

and sorry for not updating, my friends came early
I'll do an extra post tomorrow
But for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR


I'm soooo sorry for the lack of updating.
I've been busy re decorating my room and stuff.
& My outfits aren't that special right now.
Because all I did this holiday was, blog, work, and relax haha.

But I'll do an outfit post in 1? hour, I first have to shower etc.

So stay tuned & a big thankyou to all my followers.

29 december, 2010

How it turned out.

 So this is how my hair turned out,
It's not exactly how I wanted it,
that's because my hair was red-isch.
But I do love it (:
& I used Schwarzkopf Blonde - their strongest lightening.

28 december, 2010

I put some new shoes on.

 My new baby's from Paris
The brown ones are from Zara
and the blue (dark blue which you can't see in the picture) are from New Look.

27 december, 2010

Ombre hair.

 Tonight I'm getting ombre hair.
Although I'm not sure yet, because my hair is still a little bit red.
I just hope it's going to work out nice, and if not..
Too bad for me haha.
But first I have to go to work.

26 december, 2010

It's still Christmas.

This is what I wore today.
My new pants from the H&M, I got it in Paris.
& a simple black blazer and tee with chains.
And in the last picture are a few of my favorite jewelry,
a bit messy, I know.
Hope you had a lovely christmas.

25 december, 2010

First day of Christmas.

This was what I wore today.
Just a simple black dress and a white/crème blazer.
& with hot chocolat I get through the cold & snowy Christmas days.

I'ts Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas to all of you.
I hope you have lovely days!

 Picture from Paris.

23 december, 2010

Dress to Kill magazine

I didn't know that there was a magazine named Dress to Kill.
These are some photos from their last (or upcoming) issue
Pictures are from fashiongasm

22 december, 2010

Paris part II

So this is part II of my trip to Paris
here is part one.

Day 4;
Today was the longest day we had.
We had to get up at 7:15 A.M. and get ready.
First we went to Musée du Louvre which was kind of boring but fascinating.
After that we went to Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie.
There they had a lot of simulations; you could 'ride' an airplane for example.
That was pretty cool.
After that we went to the Eiffel Tower.
omygod I saw it and I just fell in love.
It was too bad that it had started raining but still, it was amazing! So beautiful.
We were supposed to go in the Eiffel Tower, but when we arrived there they were closed.
So that sucked really hard.
But at least I saw the Eiffel Tower.
The outside of the Louvre
 Every hour the Eiffel Tower lightens up with flickery lights.
 A beautiful lighted building.
Day 5;
The final already arrived..
We got up an hour later than the other days, because we had to leave the hotel as late as possible.
Because our train was leaving at 15.25 P.M.
So until then we had to walk through Paris with our suitcases.
Which were really heavy haha.
After we had left the hotel we went to la Défense.
But of course with our luck, the damn thing was also closed.
So we just went shopping haha.
Our teachers sat in the Mac Donald’s with all of our suitcases.
But as we were waiting for a few people of our group.
One guy from our group got in a 'fight' with a girl.
He just pushed her and started yelling at her, because he didn't like the way she looked at him.
I was like 'ehh, ok act normal you're in another country'.
But it worked out good and a few people went to her and apologized for his behavior.

When we finally were in the thalys to snowy Holland again,
We had a delay of 1 hour, and the other trains had a delay too.
Our group with all the suitcases haha.
 On our way to the metro.

So even though a lot of things went wrong I enjoyed Paris.
I highly recommend it for you to go there.
It is a beautiful city and if you just blend in and not be the tourist,
the people will be nice to you.

19 december, 2010

Paris part I

Wow, so I'm back from Paris.
It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
The people, the city, the culture, I just loved it all.
I'm gonna give a 'report' with pictures from all the things that we did.
And of course the stuff I bought.
Prepare yourself for a long post (:

Day 1.
We had to take the train to Rotterdam really early, the train left 6.52 A.M.
When we arrived in Paris at 12.35 we got to our hotel, packed out our stuff
and got ready to go to the Champs-Élysées and we saw the Arc-de-Triomphe.
Day 1 was really tough because we had to do a lot of traveling and walking.

Picture in the Thalys with my friend Inge.

Day 2.
We woke up early and after getting ready we went to Musée Rodin which was kind of boring, after that we went to the Opéra, that was really breath-taking so beautiful.
I highly recommend going there when you're in Paris.
In the evening we went to Montmartre and we stood on a place where we could see whole Paris.
But of course my battery was out when we were there so I had to take pictures with someone else's camera.

Musée Rodin
The Opéra
With my friends.
Beautiful ballerina-dress.
Breath-taking view. -picture was not made with my camera

Day 3.
On Wednesday we visited Versailles which was beautiful but after you've seen the Opéra you find Versailles nothing.
After that we went to the Pompidou, and the Musée National d'Art Moderne. and we did some shopping.
We also went to the Notre Dame, but when we were there it was closed..
So we got to our hotel early because day 4 was going to be a long day so we had to rest out a bit.

Mirror room in Versailles
Christmas tree in a huge shopping centre.
A quick stop at Starbucks
Notre Dame

This was part 1 from my 5 days in Paris.
Stay tuned for the rest.