26 september, 2012

To the max.

Dress: Tunisia, Jacket: H&M, Necklace:Unknown, Ring: Little shop in Amsterdam, Shoes: Bristol.
Finally found a nice maxi dress, though it's a bit too short for me.
But that's usually the thing with maxi dresses/skirts.
I'm not even that tall (1,78 m) but these things (and pants) are always to short for me.
That's also why I decided to put on some flat shoes instead of heels, because otherwise the dress would be even shorter hahha.
Now I'm going to watch New Girl (yay!) Byee! x

23 september, 2012


Shirt: Tunisia, Legging: Action, Heels: Primark, Cuff: H&M.
Best relaxing shirt ever, it's so comfortable. Add some heels and a velvet legging and you have an bohemian outfit ;)
This shirt is from Tunisia, but easy to make yourself. 
Probably will make one myself if I have the time.
So busy with my new school; loaaads of homework!
But hopefully it'll be all worth it and next year I can go and live/study in Utrecht, and get out of this shit-hole of a town!
Enjoy your Sunday! x

19 september, 2012

Tunisia holiday pictures pt 2.

Get ready for a massive holiday pictures post:
Our hotel-pool by night.
When you're in Tunisia I recommend doing a camel-ride! 
So cute! These were all over the place!
Yes, more than 7 hours of delay.

16 september, 2012

Tunisian outfits.

I got back from Tunisia on Wednesday, after an delay of 12 hours!
But I've been so busy with work, and my school started and well.
That's why I haven't had time to post anything.
But here are the 'outfits' (pictures of me ;) from my holiday in Tunisia,
though most of them are just relaxed and easy going outfits, I wanted to show them to you anyway.
& If you're thinking about going to Tunisia, I'd say go! The beaches are amazing, the people are nice and the weather is amazing!
Yes, the camel was peeing... haha

07 september, 2012

Travel & Co.

Every time I went on a holiday I had to borrow someone's suitcase.
So when I saw this suitcase I knew it had to be mine.
It stands out, which is useful when you need to find your luggage, it rolls easy, and it's big.
What else do you need!
So say hello to my new friend, let's call her betty! haha. x

This is an automatic post, I'm currently in Tunesia probably riding a camel ;)

04 september, 2012

Heaven's got a plan for you.

Dress: Zara, Heels: Nelly.com, Ring: Primark.
Love my new dress and heels,
I have been looking for a dress like this for so long.
So when I found it (on sale) on Zara.com I had to have it.
And I'm absolutely in love with it!
Especially paired with a pair of 'boots' because that provides an edge to the outfit.
If you follow my blog you'll know that I don't like the girlygirl stuff haha.
So every time I can spice up an outfit, I'll take the chance. x

This is an automatic post, I'm currently in Tunesia.

01 september, 2012

Recapture of August.

Wow this month flew by so fast.
This whole year has gone by fast, or is it just me?
Well here is a recapture of my outfits in August.
My favorite is definitely the last one, which one is your favorite?
It has been nice to go bare-legged and wear skirts and dresses without a panty or something.
I wish it could be summer everyday!

By the way, right now I'm probably on my way to Schiphol, because I'm going to Tunesia for 11 days.
But don't worry I have a few post scheduled for you!
See you in 11 days! x