29 april, 2012

Crazy days.

Okay, so these past few days I've been pretty busy.
I had LSD (last school day), our theme was 'goed fout'.
Which means that we had to dress like, just really bad.
I had so much fun, acting crazy and dancing!
Here are a few photo's:

I have way more photo's, but I don't want to post them because there are other people in the pictures, and I don't think they'd like to be all over the internet.
again, sorry for the lack of posts. A few more weeks and I will be back to my normal pattern. x

24 april, 2012

Concrete angels.

Blouse and heels: H&M, Legging: Action, Jewelry: Monki, Bag: Primark.
Upcoming month I won't be posting a lot (I think).
Because my exams are on their way and well, I need to pass.
I will be posting, just not as often. x

22 april, 2012


Between prom, dancing contest, birthdays and school I didn't have time to post.
But here are the pictures of my prom, though I didn't took many pictures I still wanted to show them to you. I had a great time!
Oh and my legs were all bruised from dancing, so don't mind them ;)
Dress: Nastygal, Heels: H&M, Ring: Random shop in Amsterdam, Cuff: Monki.
Oh and the only picture I have from the back of the dress is this one:
Do you like my dress? x

18 april, 2012

Every word you said.

Blouse: Vintage, Shorts: Primark, Heels: Nelly.com, Jewelry: Ebay and Primark.
When I looked back at the pictures I took, I saw that I forgot to get my phone out of my shorts.
So the black thing in my pocket, yeah that's my phone haha. Stupid me.
But just a basic outfit, enjoy your day! x

16 april, 2012

Hollywood glam.

Dress: H&M, Heels: Primark, Watch: Primark, Skull bracelet: Ebay.
I felt so old-hollywood-glam wearing this dress with my hair a bit curled.
Though I spiced it up a bit with my new skull bracelet from Ebay, what a beauty isn't it?
And it only cost me like €1,50. I just had to buy it!
It was a bit cold to wear this outside, but I was inside all day because I had to study and I had a birthday.
Right now I'm still studying because in like two hours I have another test.
Two more tests to go and I will be back to my normal 'blogging-schedule'
How was your weekend? x

13 april, 2012

Night out.

Here are some random shots from my diner with Easter with my friends.
I had a great time, after dinner we went for a drink.
It was good to see them again, because I don't see them that often (they go to other schools).

Oh and here are some pictures of what I was wearing;
Jacket: H&M, Dress and Wedges: Primark. Ring; Random store in Amsterdam.

10 april, 2012

We've reached our climax.

Clothing & Necklace: H&M, Wedges: Primark, Ring: Random store in Amsterdam.
I got laughed at a million times today, go many stares.
I also got called names like 'bloemetjesgordijn' (dutch people will understand),
And I also had people asking me why I still had my PJ's on.

But seriously, I don't care. 
I love wearing these clothes, they make me happy.
So I don't give a fuck what other people say about it. 
 Oh and there were also some people who came up to me and said I looked nice,
and they admired me because they wouldn't have the 'balls' to wear these type of clothing.

Be yourself, and do whatever you want! x

08 april, 2012

Add some color.

Heels: Primark.
Colored shoes? Check!
I needed some color in my shoe department, and when I saw these in Primark I was sold!
So I took these babies home with me, welcome to the shoe-family! 

05 april, 2012

You just don't know.

Jacket &Pants (old) : H&M. Heels: Nelly.com, Shirt: Monki.
Whoaah the quality of these pictures were so good on my computer, but here they suck!
The pants is a bit 'panther' printed-isch.
Right now I'm on my way to a tattoo-shop, my friend is getting a tattoo. 
And of course I want to watch! x

02 april, 2012

Shut your mouth and close the door.

Blouse and necklace: H&M, Pants and heels: Primark
Every time that I order something at H&M, something goes wrong.
I ordered a floral printed pants, that matches the shirt, early March.
It would be delivered end March, a bit long but ok they're worth it.
Right now it already says the end of April/begin May.
Like seriously? I know they're 'wanted', but why changing the date every single time.
Ughh I'm so fed up with it. I'm going to Amsterdam on Saturday so hopefully they have the pants there, so that I can cancel the order. 
Am I the only one who has this? x