28 april, 2011

Oh yeah baby.

This is actually what I wore two days ago.
But I didn't have any time to post it, and yesterday blogspot was being a bitch
So yeah here it is anyway. xo

26 april, 2011

Hot summer days in April.

Loved the weather today, too bad it's going downhill this week.
Today I just did some swimming.
I also got an eye infection, yay.
So That's why you can't see my eyes proper in the pictures.

I was wearing my new bikini-top from H&M & selfmade shorts.
Hope you had a lovely day, and now I'm going to bed. x

24 april, 2011


Everything is from H&M.
Lovin' the clutch, eventhough a lot of people have it haha.
It's just a beautiful clutch.

19 april, 2011

Beautiful days.

Everything is from Zara.
So this is what I wore today.
It was so hot, and I even got a sunburn.
So when I got home, I took these pictures and I switched my outfit to shorts & a bikini top.

I am loving this weather.

16 april, 2011

A touch of red.

So finally, my testweek is over.
Hopefully I did good enough to pass this year haha.
This is just an basic outfit, I actually didn't want to post it because well. It's kinda boring.

Today I had to work all freakin' day.
And now I'm going to bed early because tomorrow I have another dance-contest.
Oh and don't mind my oh-so-tired-face.

Blazer: Coolcat, Shirt: Unknown, Jeans: Bershka, Shoes: Ebay.

14 april, 2011

Now I know better.

So as you may have noticed, my blog had a few changes.
It's more simple, but also more me now.
I still need to figure some things out, like how to get all the pictures on one line, not that one is bigger than the other...
If you know how to do that, please tell me!
I also need to thank Nanne for helping me to get bigger pictures.

13 april, 2011


Here are some details of what I wore today.
Will show you the rest tomorrow, so stay tuned (:

12 april, 2011


Blazer: Coolcat, Pants/Shoes: H&M.
These pants are like heaven.
Not only did they cost me almost nothing.
They are so bright with the color, it makes me happy.
I think I'll be wearing them a lot. ~x

08 april, 2011


Sine the temperature is rising, I thought it was time for some new stuff.
The ring, pants and black maxi dress are from H&M.
The basic white shirt is from Only & the yellow nailpolish is from Catrice.

01 april, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting, I'm sooo busy.
but yeah, some inspirational pics. ~x