30 september, 2011

Another recapture.

Here are all my outfits from the past month.
The one with the blue kimono is definitively my favorite, which one is your favorite?
I also want to apologize for not posting so much.
I wasn't feeling well & I had a lot to do.
Now I'm going to get ready for a school-part. fun haha.
Have a nice weekend. x

29 september, 2011

Shop TheNeonSign

Here is my 'shop' with clothes and stuff that I don't wear anymore.
Take a look and if  you like you can mail the name of the thing that you want to;

More on;

23 september, 2011

The big bang.

Poncho/Dress: H&M, Heels: Nelly.com
First I want to say that this picture didn't do any justice to the outfit.
In real it looked way more flattering but yeah, wanted to show it to you anyway.
And second; I want to thank Roshelle because I won this wallet (which I can also use as a clutch) with her giveaway. Thanks babe! 
And last; I'm working on a theneonsign shop. So stay tuned.

21 september, 2011

Winter can come.

Faux fur: H&M.
Finally my 'new' faux fur coat arrived.
It's a second hand from the old H&M collection.
I've wanted this for more than a year now, and I finally got my hands on it.
So now winter can come, I'm prepared. x

19 september, 2011

Fast forward, into the future.

Kimono/pants: Primark, Heels: Nelly.com, Sunglasses: New Yorker.
Yeah I know I've been wearing these heels a lot.
They're just so pretty haha.
I bought the kimono you can see me wearing here, also in blue.
I think I like the blue one better, it pops out more.
And the sunglasses are so amazing, usually I never wear sunglasses.
But these are an exception! x

17 september, 2011

Basic neon.

Tshirt/Blazer/Necklace: H&M, Pants: Primark, Shoes: Ebay.
I wasn't in the mood for dressing up today.
So here's another basic outfit, hope you don't mind
Have a nice weekend. x

15 september, 2011


Pictures are from http://models.com/
I so badly wish I could be attending NYFW.
Maybe one day, but for now I'll have to do it with live streaming.
These are pictures from the Alexander Wang collection,
and wow I'm in love. The pieces are so unique and even though I wouldn't wear everything
There are some pieces that I wouldn't mind having on right now.
What do you think of the collection? 

13 september, 2011

We could have had it all.

Tanktop: Zara

So I promised to show you my new piercing.
It's a rook piercing, and I love it!
Getting it done didn't hurt at all, but that night it was painful to sleep on.
But that's normal haha.
The last picture was taken the night after it got set, so that's why it's all red.
Oh and the tank top I'm wearing is from Zara, and it's my fav. new tank top
The fabric is so light and the color is perfect! x
Have a nice day! x

11 september, 2011

A promise in the dark.

Kimono: Primark, Tanktop: Zara, Shorts: Unknown, Heels: H&M.
A simple Sunday outfit, I'm in love with my kimono.
Now I'm going to do some homework, and enjoy my day off.
Have a nice day! x

08 september, 2011

Let's lose control

Everything but the necklace is from Primark. Necklace: H&M.
I'm sorry that the last photo is a bit blurry, it because the bad focus my camera has.
But if everything works out I will have a new camera in a few weeks.
I also have a new piercing, it's a rook piercing.
You can't see it well on the photo's, but I'll show you a better picture soon. x

07 september, 2011


A little preview of what I wore today.
Will show you the rest tomorrow! So stay tuned. x

04 september, 2011

02 september, 2011


Blazer and Necklace - H&M, Shoes - Nelly.com
Yesterday I went to Rotter-and Amsterdam and I did some shopping.
I bought a lot of stuff, which you'll obviously see on my blog someday.
These pictures were from earlier this week. x