29 juni, 2012


Shirt: Nelly.com Tights: Action, Heels: Primark, Cuff: Monki.
Last night I celebrated me graduating with my friends,
We watched Friends With Benefits (Love that movie, even after watching it 4 times), and talked and well did stuff that girls do... (: 
Tomorrow-night I'm going out with Roos so that'll be fun!
Have a nice weekend! x

27 juni, 2012


Top: Asos, Jeans: H&M, Sneakers: Asos, Ring: Random store in Amsterdam

After being in doubt for a while, I did it.
I ordered the Asos Wedged sneakers.
I mean I don't have anything sneaker like in my closet, and I need a good shoe for this winter.
Where I can walk in without getting sore feet, but they still give me a few extra inches.

Futhermore, I have amaaaaazing news: I GRADUATED!
I needed a 5,5 on my re-exam to pass, and I got a 5,9.
Ahh I'm so happy, I've been dancing around all day.
This means I can go to Utrecht next school year.
I can close this 'chapter' of my life now, and finally move on.
yes yes yes yes so excited! 
And now it's party time! x

21 juni, 2012

Nelly contest.

I've joined this contest on nelly.com to become their 'new fashion blogger'.
I've been a fan of Nelly.com for a long time, and I have to say;
All my favorite shoes are from Nelly.com
They're affordable and the price/quality is great!
My favorite atm is this one (lauriann), why? 
Because it's great for the day and the evening.
You can walk in it all day and not get sore feet, well maybe a little but they're worth it.
They're easy to combine because they're black but they will spice every single outfit up a bit.
Everything you need for the summer, and a little bit more.

I probably won't win, and they probably won't even read this, but hé you can try right!
But if you're looking for affordable and killer shoes, go to nelly.com

19 juni, 2012

Loads of shit to talk about.

Whoops haven't posted in a while, I've been studying soooo hard.
Tomorrow I have my re-exam. Hopefully I will get a 5,5 and then I will graduate.

Furthermore, I got accepted to HKU for the 'Saturday school', finally something works out for me.
But I can only go if I graduate, otherwise it will be impossible for me to and go to school through the week, work and go to school on Saturday. Which is a 2,5 hour train ride to get to school and 2,5 hours back. So again, tomorrow is an important day. Please cross your fingers for me, that I will graduate this time haha.

& The give-away winner is Nura, congratulations.
I've send you an email and you will get the playsuit as soon as possible.

And last but not least, an simple outfit.
all I did was go to extra lessons so I can graduate, so I didn't feel like dressing up a lot.
Top: Vero Moda, Pants and heels: Primark, Cuff: Monki

14 juni, 2012

Just my luck.

I didn't graduate, though I kind of expected it. So I'm not depressed or something.
I had three 5's and you could only have 2. (one of them was a 5,4. Just my luck haha)
So now I have to study hard again, but for only one course so that's way easier. 

Congratulations to all of you who did graduate! x

12 juni, 2012

When the sun goes down.

Shirt: New Yorker, Pants and heels: H&M, Bracelet: Monki, Ring: Ebay.
This week is going to be so stressful!
Thursday I will find out if I passed my exam or if I have to do a re-exam.
And Friday I have to go to Utrecht again to do another admission.
Hopefully this time I will get accepted, that would be amazing!
I'll keep you updated!

p.s. sorry that I keep using the same background, I don't have a photographer right now (:

08 juni, 2012


Poncho: H&M, Pants: Primark/DIY, Heels: Nelly.com, Sunnies: New Yorker.
Such a comfy outfit, perfect for a simple day like this. 
Enjoy your weekend! x

05 juni, 2012

Give away! (closed)

A while ago I won a give-away.
I won this playsuit, and I was so happy, because I hardly ever win something.
But when it came in, I found out that it was too small for me. (just my luck)
I didn't know what to do with it, but now I know;
I'm going to (re)give it away to one of my readers!
It's an size xs/s (yes really small).
So if it's your size, lucky you!
If not, don't worry there will be another giveaway soon.

All you have to do is;
1. Follow me on GFC.
2. Leave a comment with your name and email.
This give away will close on June 17th.

p.s. The color is more créme/sandy than on the picture.
p.p.s. It's a worldwide give-away.

02 juni, 2012


Shirt and pants: H&M, Heels: Nelly.com Bracelet: Vintage.
Haha I look super-mad on the first picture, I wasn't though!
I've been working my ass off, because I'm going not on one, but two vacations this summer.
I already told you I was going to Chersonissos, where I will be on my birthday! Yay!
But in September I will be going to Tunisia! I'm so excited, I mean it's freakin' Africa! 

So I have to save my money, and I can't buy that much clothes like I have been,
which challenges me to 'work' with the clothes I have.
Enjoy your weekend! x