29 juli, 2012

I want more.

I'm back from Chersonissos, and it was the best holiday so far.
I won't give you the details haha, but let's say that I've never had so much fun!
The first picture is the view from our room, waking up to that. Well I wouldn't mind having that everyday!
The people from the apartment were so nice, they helped us with everything.
I've also met a lot of new people, which is always nice.
I don't have a lot of pictures to show you, cause almost everything we did involved partying haha.
This outfit is just one of the outfits that I wore. 
Will show you more later. x

23 juli, 2012

Lost in my head.

Shirt: Primark, Patns: DIY, Heels: H&M, Necklace; Unknown.
Just a simple outfit.
I don't know if it's appropriate to the weather in Holland right now, but when I took these pictures, it was. And also; sorry for the bad pictures, I was in a rush.
I think I will be tanning atm. hahah
Just a few more days and I'll be back with (hopefully) a lot of pictures to show you. x

this is an automatic post, I'm still in Greece.

19 juli, 2012

It's my birthday!

Today is finally the day that I'm turning 18.
Adulthood, bring it on haha.
I'm probably celebrating it on the beach, with a drink in my hand.
Yes, that's the good life. cyaaa.

15 juli, 2012

On my way.

When you'll read this I will probably already be in the plane to Chersonissos, Greece.
For a two week party/fun related holiday.
But don't worry I've got a few posts set up for you, so you won't have to miss me ;)
See you back in two weeks!

13 juli, 2012

Crazy pants part 2.

Again, these were taken when the weather was still nice.
I was tanning, and playing with my super cute rabbit haha.
Ahhhh, just a few more days and I will go to Greece for two weeks.
I started packing yesterday, and I already overpacked, so now I have to re-do it haha.
Tonight I will go to see Magic Mike with my friend, also I recommend the movie Project X for when you're bored. Seriously, best movie ever! It's not that long (about 90 minutes).
But really, best. movie. ever!
Enjoy your (rainy) day! x

10 juli, 2012

Crazy pants.

Top: H&M, Shorts: Vintage, Heels: H&M, bracelets: Vintage, Sunglasses: Primark
Ass you can guess, these pictures were taken when the weather was still nice, stfu dutch weather.
Today I went to Zaandam, to go to the Primark. Had a great time there!
I also got a new jewelry (ring) for my rook-piercing.
I don't really like it, but if you have one, I'd recommend it.
It stays there and it won't fall out easily.
A few more days, and I'm on my way to Greece.
(Yes I'm going to talk about this in every post, that's how excited I am haha)

Oh and these 'crazy' pants used to be my moms, and my aunt's pants.
They wore it when they were about 20 years old, and now it's my turn!
I love it so much, the fabric is amazing, so soft and comfortable. x

07 juli, 2012

We sail into infinity.

Dress & heels: H&M, Cuff: Monki, Sunglasses: Sascha., Belt: Unknown.
I'm in love with this weather!
Shorts, skirts and tanktops, they can come out of the closet again.
Although I have to work almost every day, I can still enjoy the weather.
It's too bad that I don't have a photographer on my hands right now, otherwise I would be taking more and more various pictures.
How I take these pictures? Well not with a standard, because mine is broken.
I put my camera on the back of my bike, scared that it will fall every time, and then I use timer.
It looks so stupid, especially when someone walks by, hahha. But at least I have some pictures.
Enjoy the sunny weather! x

P.s. Do you like my new shoes (whoops) they're for the holiday, easy to walk in and still hot haha. 

04 juli, 2012

You take me up.

Top, skirt and necklace: H&M, Wedges: Primark.
Last night we had the graduation 'party' on our school, where we got our diploma's.
I'm glad I can leave that school behind me and have a new beginning.
Not that I had a bad time there, but it was so boring, and I just want to go to another city/school haha.

I got a few graduation presents, from my grandparents I got a camel-ride (for when I'm in Tunisia).
From my friends I got a necklace and a lot of alcohol ;)
My aunt got me a travel-packet with beauty stuff etc.
And I'm hoping that I'm getting my drivers-license payed by my dad for me graduating and my birthday (which is in 15 days, yay!).
But enough about gifts, I'm just glad I got my diploma!!
Enjoy your (sunny) day. x