21 maart, 2013

You got what I want.

Jumper and Skirt H&M Heels Nelly Cuff Monki
I really need to do something else with my hair, it's so boring.
If you have any idea what to do, please tell me cause I have no idea! Love, Marloes.
Oh wow, interesting story ;) haha I have nothing to tell you guys, sorry!

17 maart, 2013

Aren't you sick of the same thing.

Dress and jacket H&M Heels Nelly.com
I felt like dressing up today, and since the weather is shitty as usual I decided to put on a dress that had been hanging in my closet for a while now, because it's more of a 'warm' weather dress.

Yesterday we had our first competition of the year with dancing.
And we came in third, not the best we've ever done.
But we thought it was really bad, so we didn't thought we would win anything, but luckily we became third!
Hopefully this year will bring more trophies!  So excited! Love, Marloes.

15 maart, 2013

The unusual.

Pictures by Marleen Gubler.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to share these pictures with you, because they're not the pictures that I usually post.
But I liked them so much, that I had to share them!
What do you think of them? And would you like to see more of these kind of pictures? Love, Marloes.

11 maart, 2013

You have goals to achieve.

Pictures made by Marleen Gubler.
Jacket/necklace H&M Top/bag Zara Pants Primark Heels Nelly.com
You wouldn't say so, but I was freeeeezing while we shot these pictures.
This was the only spot near where the wind couldn't catch me (it did catch my photographer, sorry Marleen).
Oh and I wanted to post earlier but we didn't have internet for a few days. 
So I had a valid reason why I couldn't blog haha, not that I need one though ;) Love, Marloes.

03 maart, 2013

One way or another.

Gilet and top H&M Jeans Zara Loafers Nelly Jewelry Random stores.
Pictures by Marleen Gubler.
Instead of having a movie day, I had a creative day with my friend.
We made pictures, which I'll probably show you soon.
And after all the pictures and editing etc. We had diner and then we watches series.
A nice and relaxed sunday, just the way I like it!
How was your weekend? Love, Marloes.

01 maart, 2013

Let it fill my heart, and set my body free.

Faux fur vest; H&M, Blouse: Primark. 
Hello March, and hello weekend!
Do you have any plans for this weekend?
I'm all scheduled up this weekend, first I have to go to school, then I have to dance.
And Sunday I'm having a movie day, those are always fun!
I'll try to do some outfit shots in between.

Well, enjoy you're weekend, I know I will! Love, Marloes.