19 juli, 2013

Life | Birthday Girl.

Today, 19 years ago a little girl was born.
And that was me, hurraay.

Today is my 19th birthday, I can't believe I'm already 19, I feel so old haha.
Right now I'm in Bulgaria on holiday! So I'm guessing that I'm having a good time!
Doing what this day was made for, partying! 

14 juli, 2013

08 juli, 2013

Give away winner.

It's already the 8th of July, which means that the giveaway ended yesterday.
And the winner is -drum roll please-
Congratulations, I've send you an email!
So if you can respond to it as quickly as possible that would be nice ;)
If you didn't win, don't worry there will be another giveaway soon!