31 januari, 2011

Which one to buy?

I've wanted an ear-cuff for a long time.
And finally I came across a few.
But now I have the problem that I don't know which one to buy.
So please help me out.
 This one I'm buying for sure.

But for the next one, shall I buy the one with the bigger cuff?
Or the one with the small cuff?
 Which one do you like the most?
The bigger or the smaller one?

30 januari, 2011

Random Sunday. (3)

And it's Sunday already
The time is going so fast.
There are so many things I want to do.
But there is so little time to do it all.
And of course I have stupid school and work in the way all the time.
Friday I had a school party, all the money for the tickets went to Dance 4 Life.
And they raised over 600 euro's. Which is amazing of course.
& I love mangos and melons
Yesterday & Today I did nothing special. Just chill haha.
What did you do this weekend?

29 januari, 2011

I'm on the persuit of happiness

Dress&Cardigan&Shoes; H&M, Belt: Unknown
This is what I wore yesterday.
When I bought the dress it was over-knee length.
Which I did not like at all.
So I shortened it, and now it's above-knee.
Just a simple but classy outfit.

28 januari, 2011

Follow Friday (2)

So today it's friday that means weekend and a Follow Friday post.
This week I want to introduce you to:
This is a blog from two girls called Tess & Sara.
They are cousins and very good friends.
They both have a 'vintage style'.
They don't only post oufit pictures,
they also post very nice inspirational pictures.
Take a look at their blog ( Click Here )
& a few pictures from their blog

26 januari, 2011

If you'll leave I'm going to find you.

Please ignore my facial expression haha. 
 Blazer; Coolcat, Shirt & Shoes; Zara, Pants; Primark, Jewelry: H&M, Nailpolish; Essence.
Today I finally finished my maxi-skirt & I adjusted the length of a dress of mine.
I'm not totally happy with the maxi-skirt because the fabric is very shiny-isch.
I'm going to Germany with my grandma soon, to buy all kinds of fabrics.
So I'll be making a lot of clothes (hopefully)

I'm also so in love with my shoes, but they are kind of bad luck.
When I wore them for the first time, I was so careful the whole day
And I was almost home, but then I got mud-stains all over it.
& they didn't go out, I was so mad!
I used all kinds of soap, and then finally the stains got less.
You can still see it though if you look good.
& they hurt my feet like hell, so no long days with these shoes.
But at least they're pretty, right?

25 januari, 2011

Random Tuesday.

I totally forgot to do a Random Sunday, and it's only the second one.
So I thought hé why not a Random Tuesday (just for this week).
So here are some pics.
And yes I know I need a new camera.
If you have any suggestions for which camera I should buy
Please leave the name of the camera in your comment.
 1.  My DIY ripped jeans
2. Some fake flowers in my room
3. My cute rabbit, Chanel
4. L'officiel
5. My cactus
6. I love my view.
& the clip is my sweet hamster being all hyper. 

24 januari, 2011

Nothing special.

I'm so sorry for the boring posts.
I'm just so tired and so busy right now.
& I'm also really bored..
Oh god I have a winter depression xd
Hopefully something good and interesting will happen soon.
Like I'll win a lottery or something haha.
This is what I wore today, yes boring I know.
Just a simple oversized top (H&M) with my crème blazer (Wonder woman)
And my heels from the Primark, which are old as fuck.

23 januari, 2011

Party Night.

Sorry for not updating yesterday.
First I had to work all freaking day.
Then I had like two hours to eat and get ready.
And then my friend came. & we went partying.
Blouse; H&M, Dress/Jeans; Bershak, Ring; Primark, Nailpolish; Essence
This is what I wore. (Btw, I took off my belt after one hour of dancing, and my braid was in with the photo's because I wanted curls)
I wanted something that would stand out, but not too much.
And since my friend & I always go to dance, and not to hook up.
I wanted something simple and dance-able. haha
Oh and I wore it with my fake all-stars.
& Sorry for the bad quality, it was already dark so I had to use my flash.
What did you do this weekend?