23 januari, 2011

Party Night.

Sorry for not updating yesterday.
First I had to work all freaking day.
Then I had like two hours to eat and get ready.
And then my friend came. & we went partying.
Blouse; H&M, Dress/Jeans; Bershak, Ring; Primark, Nailpolish; Essence
This is what I wore. (Btw, I took off my belt after one hour of dancing, and my braid was in with the photo's because I wanted curls)
I wanted something that would stand out, but not too much.
And since my friend & I always go to dance, and not to hook up.
I wanted something simple and dance-able. haha
Oh and I wore it with my fake all-stars.
& Sorry for the bad quality, it was already dark so I had to use my flash.
What did you do this weekend?

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