13 juni, 2011

Friends, fun and sunshine.

Don't mind my ugly face in the first picture haha.
Sorry for not posting this weekend, I was camping with my family & friend.
I had a great time, the weather was good & I got a nice tan haha.
We did some swimming, where we found this cute little frog, even though the water was freezing it was fun!
In the evening it got cold pretty quick but it didn't matter.
Because in the day we saw some nice and sexy surfer dudes, yumm.
What did you do this (long) weekend? x

p.s. Can you see my older pictures, from the recapture and last month? Because I can't?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk dat je naar de camping bent geweest! Zag er gezellig uit.

  2. Ik ben je 60e follower! Hoop dat je er blij mee bent, haha (:
    Je foto's zien er allemaal erg leuk uit. Ik wilde verder terug kijken, maar kan inderdaad je foto's ook niet zien. xxxx