15 juli, 2011


I'll probably will be on my way to Argelès-sur-Mer when you're reading this.
I'm going for a 10 day trip with my friends.
And while packing my stuff I found out that I had one big color-blocking thing going on.

I have a few scheduled posts ready for you,
don't stop commenting though because I will read them all when I'm home.
Have a great day! x

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Have fun!


  2. hey!!!
    you are from Holland!!! i love holland, i think to move there next year!!
    i went there two times, the last (last April) i went alone and i've visited 5 cities, on my blog i've a single part dedicated to photography and there are some photos of this "holiday"!! In which city you live?!
    i love the orange trousers and the light blue blouse!
    hope to keep in touch!



  3. here again!
    i'd like to follow you but there isn't the box where i can do that!

  4. your blog is amazing, i really love it ♥
    have a lot of fun on your holiday!
    i'm following ;)

  5. Veel plezier! Ik verwacht wel veel foto's als je terugkomt :)

  6. have fun!! love those bright orange pants xx