14 april, 2013

Quality above quantity.

Both items are from Zara
As you may  have noticed I have been blogging less lately.
It's mainly because I'm really busy at the moment. 
But also because I felt like my blog wasn't where I wanted it to be.
I used to think quantity was above quality, but recently I've take a good look at my blog and I just felt like I needed to take a step back.
Maybe if I had a photographer with me all day every day I would post more often.
But since that's not the case I'm not going to make pictures myself and not be fully satisfied with them and still post it on my blog.
I hope you understand, and that you have seen the change of pictures and that they´re better now than they were before.
At least that´s how I feel, and I hope you understand ;) Lot's of love, Marloes.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ik snap heel goed dat je minder post, ik heb precies hetzelfde.
    Hoe lopen de schoenen trouwens? Ik wilde namelijk dezelfde kopen haha