12 december, 2010

Back to basic.

1st. I'm really sorry for the bad quality;
I didn't have any time to make proper pictures
2nd. I know this outfit isn't much haha, but since I'm packing my stuff and I have to go back and forth between the city, friends, home and more this is the easiest outfit to wear.
3rd. I found this really cute lipstick-holder box thing.
I only have one favorite lipstick - which I'm wearing right now.
So the box comes really handy.
4th. All the snow that has fallen down already disappeared,
even the sun was shining today.
5th. In the last picture you can see my suitcase for Paris baby.
I'm leaving tomorrow, so next week I won't be updating.

Unfortunately I can't wear any heels in Paris; because we're going to all these museums and more (I'm going with school). But I can manage to walk on my beloved wedges all day, so they're already packed in my suitcase - as you can see.
But when I'm back I will show you all (or just the nice and pretty ones) pictures.
And hopefully my new buys.
So I guess I'll talk to you again in a week.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel veel plezier in Parijs. Die zwarte wedges zijn geweldig!

  2. Die wedges zijn idd super leuk! Waar heb je die vandaan? :)