02 december, 2010

Electric Blue.

This is actually what I wore yesterday. A simple outfit with my electric blue blouse.
& Borrowed shoes from my friend, which I adore. (sorry for the huge picture)
Today I feel like crap
I haven’t slept well in days, no weeks. And the headache, horrible.
I actually wanted to shoot this outfit outside. But it has started snowing, so it was a little too cold. But I’m so exited
I really love snow, it makes everything look so beautiful and happy. Yeah snow makes things happy.
So I’m just trying to get better and look at the snow from inside my house.
It’s good that I’m sick right now and not in less than two weeks. Because then I’ll be in Paris.

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  1. Beautiful shoes!
    Come to me :)
    If you become my follower so do I!