10 februari, 2011

I fly with the stars in the sky.

 Blouse; H&M, Jeans; Bershka, Heels; New Look.
I'm almost sleeping while typing this.
Today was a long long day.
First I had school from 8:15 till 15:00.
Then I had to work, have something to eat.
& then I did some shopping, again. haha

Today I got two grades back, an 8,1 for English (yeaahh),
and a 6,1 for economy. I'm pretty happy haha.
I'll show you my new stuff Saturday.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. wowowo this ring... it´s amazing!!!! lovely lovely!

    kisses & love from Germany


  2. lovely outfit! I love that mini cross ring, I wanted to order one as well but it was unfortunately sold out.

  3. I love your blog!

    x http://www.languagesofmytongue.blogspot.com/