01 februari, 2011


It's already February.
This is just a recapture of January, which of course started with some firework.
Tonight I have to go to school, because in 20 days I'll finally be snowboarding again.
I also decided to save up money for a new camera, the canon EOS 500D.
So I can start taking better pictures and expanding my blog.
Hopefully February will be better than January.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Tof dat je spaart voor zo'n geweldige camera :D.

  2. haha ik had het ook heel koud !
    Ik vind die schoenen echt geweldig,
    leuke foto die 3e van laatst !


  3. Wat een leuke outfits!
    Die heels zjn echt awesome!