27 februari, 2011

I'm back.

I came back from Wintersport yesterday morning.
But I was too dead to post something haha.
I slept 14! hours.
But it was so much fun, the snow was good and I had a lovely snowboard-group.
The food was also really good, which I didn't expect at all.
& of course we did some après-ski haha.
More pictures will come soon, if I get them from all the other people.
1. the lights outside, with movement.
2. just before diner.
3. every night we played some music and did games.
4. having fun with my friend
5. ahhh snow.
6. our boards
7. more nature
8. what I looked like haha
9. the view from our room
10. awesome clouds
11. the hotel where we stayed.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. ah leuk ! Ik heb zelf echt een hekel aan wintersport en alle andere soort sport haha maar het lijkt me wel gezellig

  2. Oh gosh that looks like fun! You didn't take me?! lol
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